Missing Pieces

Book 1: Missing Pieces

WITH Foreword by top UK Comedy Magician John Archer

The first e-Book in the ‘Book Series’ from the warped mind of Matt Colman.

A book of card routines and ideas for the intermediate – mildly advanced card mechanics, and may intrigue or receive pity from the advanced masters of advanced mastery of card technique. Peppered lightly with bizarre and often crude humour to make it endurable. It’s terribly and childishly written in (most) parts. There’s also a coin thing, for people that like coin things.  Not only is this book completely unethical and lacks proper credits and sources, it also plagiarizes and edits quotes to give the impression that Matt Colman has spent decades following intellectuals, to find the perfect quotes for his book. All in all it’s a disgrace to magical literature. And there are no pictures – apart from the front cover, back cover, two in the middle and a lovely picture of Martin Lewis and John Archer. Did I mention the ugly type faces, boring layouts, spelling and grammar errors?

If you have spent years and months learning moves such as the pass and the second deal, and then you’ve spent months and years wondering why you bothered to learn them – this book is for you! The book will bridge the gap with well structured routines that cuts out a lot of unnecessary junk by utilizing these moves, the ‘harder’ moves. Don’t panic if you can’t do them yet, there are also a few easier things that will quench your thirst until you can!

Most of these routines are from Matt’s repertoire – it’s high quality ideas and routines that lovers of pasteboards and humour will appreciate.

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Included in this e-book is my short ebook titled

This is my how to guide to becoming the best performer you can be. It includes my theory on how magic can be perceived like fireworks – and how that’s NOT a good thing. It also covers an array of eight topics including originality, being entertaining, becoming a people magnet, ethics in magic and developing your own character. I guarantee if you put this into practice, it will make you a better performer. No filler here, just a pure insightful whistle stop tour.

46 page E-book Available now!

Knowledge of intermediate sleights are required.

Price: £8

On receiving payment the book will usually be sent within 24 hours we shall notify you if you order will be delayed.

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